Hockey Right Ltd.

"Meeting the changing needs of the Arena Community, profitably."

A new company of Hockey experts has been conceived to meet the changing needs of the evolving Arena communities.

For decades the local Arena has been run at a loss supported by the surrounding community. This model is expensive to maintain and prevents growth of the amazing sports that are played upon them.

Hockey Right has developed an Arena with both low capital costs and low operating costs that can be built in any environment.

We will build these arenas in both traditional and non-traditional markets around the world.

Arenas for Minor Hockey

Minor Hockey has and is undergoing significant changes for Players aged 3 - 8. We accommodate the new needs
of all young people that love to play including Ringette.
We meet these needs and generate a profit for Arena owner.

Hockey and Ringette are great sports and kids love to play in our kid sized arenas build just for them.