Smart Arenas

Hockey Right Ltd. has created the most tech friendly and most technically advanced Arenas in the world.
The world’s first Smart Arena will be ours.

Our Arenas will feature: free Wi-Fi, charging stations (in our cozy corner), technically advanced Arena booking software, arena management and high tech skills training stations.

We shall develop 6 proprietary software systems to enhance our client experience, improve our management capability, add value and fun and to enhance profits.

  1. Hockey Right Online Booking App.   This system will allow our Parents, Coaches/Managers and Players to book all of our facilities for a practice game or Birthday party.
    1.   Easy online access to the facilities.
  2. Hockey Right Arena Mgmt. App.  This App will allow the Rink Managers to better manage the Arenas.
  3. Hockey Right Security System.  Safety and Security are everything.
  4. Hockey Right Game Viewer.   This system will allow Parents to broadcast the Game or Practice or Skills to a website for others to share in.
  5. Hockey Right Skills Station Viewer.   Want to learn how to shoot? Pick a video and learn a skill. Record your video and add it to your profile.
  6. Hockey Right Player Tracking System.  Track your progress; add videos and feedback from our Skills Stations and inputs from your coaches. Watch your skills grow.
  7. Hockey Right Arena Websites.   All of our Arena websites will be maintained by our Software Partner.

Technology matters and a Hockey Right Arena is focused on providing you and your family with the best Arena experience.